Satisfy security and compliance objectives

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  • Secure IP Messaging with SMS Escalation
  • Strong encrypted messages and PIN-protected
  • Vanishing messages and remote wipe
  • Enterprise admin portal
  • Auditable team conversations
  • Captures Acknowledgment of Read Messages
  • System Integration & APIs


Powerful SMS tool for managing
incidents and tracking response

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  • Communicate quickly during an incident
  • Escalate if no response
  • Track responses in real-time
  • Send template messages quickly
  • Improve response times


Improve customer experience
with faster communication

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  • Admins have full control over templates
  • Templates to ensure agents stick to script
  • Option for certain editable input fields
  • Option to lock template for no editing
  • Deploys to multiple-site locations


Developer solution for simple
messaging API integration

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  • REST API requires no server-side operations
  • Create/delete contacts & groups via REST API
  • Adapts to syntax or platforms being used (flexible)
  • Smaller code than HTTP, faster than SOAP or WSDL
  • Uses JSON, easier than XML for browser client support


Increase productivity
with workflow automation

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  • Team messaging with meeting rooms
  • Hybrid IP messaging with SMS escalation
  • Flexible system integration and automation
  • Global reach & last-mile coverage
  • Mobile workflows with button and menu-based UI


Build trust and meaningful connections

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  • Easy drag and drop design editor
  • Branding and personalization
  • HTML5 forms and hyperlinking
  • Increase trust and loyalty
  • Real-time engagement tracking
  • Advanced message analytics

Productive Communication

Secure Communication

Compliant Communication

Collaborative Team Messaging

Create lists and groups to communicate among your team with group or individual P2P messaging capabilities, and turn on SMS escalation to provide last-mile coverage.

Advanced App Encryption

GAMMA messages are hosted and delivered over an encrypted and private channel using cutting-edge asymmetric key encryption for secure data in motion.

Data Audits & Message Log Reporting

Gain full visibility of your entire corporate communications using auditable and complaint reporting capabilities within GAMMA. Search and review entire message logs.

Embedded Mobile Workflows

Automate manual or laborious business tasks using GAMMA's prowerful system integration through custom mobile forms to enable embedded apps & workflow messaging.

Pin-Protected Application

PIN-protection adds another level of mobile device security which protects your propritary data within GAMMA in the event that your phone is lost stolen.

Acknowledgement Status Reports

Know exactly when your message has been sent, delivered, opened and read. Access sophisticated and comprehensive status reports in the mobile messaging app and online admin portal.

API Integration & Automation

Integrate mobile alerts and broadcast messages into your existing IT systems. Automate powerful mobile workflows and location-based options to support process optimisation.

Vanishing Messages & Remote Wipe

Keep confidential information private with vanishing messages. Messages can be set to vanish automatically or can be remote wiped manually to safeguard your data.

Admin Controls & Reporting

Log in to the Enterprise admin portal for real-time insight and reports. Retrieve and review data, download reports and archive information to facilitate organisation-wide visibility and admin control.

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